How it all began…

We are Jillian and Tara Babbel Mendioro, creators of Everyday HCG and authors of this book. We have been together since 2003 and have been creating HCG recipes since 2010. Since embarking on our weight-loss journey, we have lost a collective 140+ pounds, and between the two of us we have completed six rounds of the HCG diet. Tara is a trained chef and works at a catering company in the Bay Area, and Jillian is a foodie, baker, photographer and all-around Jill of all trades. After searching high and low for an HCG cookbook with recipes, as well as beautiful, inspiring pictures, and feeling totally underwhelmed by what we found, we decided to create our own. The HCG Diet Cookbook contains 21 days of our favorite recipes that have kept us full and satisfied through our many rounds of HCG.

What’s in the Book?

The HCG Diet Cookbook delivers 21 days of very low calorie HCG Phase 2 approved meals that now only taste great but have beautiful pictures to inspire you on your weight-loss journey.


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