There are a few things to keep in mind when buying HCG online:

  • Make sure you are purchasing medical-grade HCG injections (not drops or pellats).  Although I know there are numerous individuals who have seen weight loss using drops, the medical evidence to back this up is lacking.
  • The only way to get medical grade is with some type of prescription.  This should require you filling out some type of questionnaire or phone consultation.
  • Since HCG only stays good for about 25-30 days once mixed, the HCG should be shipped in its powder form.  You will need to mix the HCG at home – because of this make sure the site you are buying it from has mixing instruction.
  • Ensure the company you are buying from uses secure payment and no negative reviews online.
There used to be several companies that met the criteria above.  However currently there is only one company that does all of the above: NuImage Medical

NuImage Medical

 On top of meeting all of our criteria above they:
  • Includes phone consultations and reviews with online doctors
  • All supplies necessary for injecting are included
  • You will receive a HCG eBook and 101 HCG diet friendly recipes
  • You have access to 7 days phone/email/chat support
This company is set up to really walk you through the whole process and is perfect whether it’s your first time doing HCG or a pro.

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